Introducing the Waffle Puck! Imagine your own personal pie made with scrumptious shortbread crust and your choice of wonderful fillings.
Butter Tart Waffle Puck - Individual (add on to another order to try!)

Butter Tart Waffle Puck - Individual (add on to another order to try!)

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Canada is still such a new country.  Everyone has come from somewhere else and thankfully brought with them all of their cultural and culinary delights.  So what foods are truly Canadian?  Tourtiere....poutine...and of course the Butter Tart.

From 1663 to 1673 (even before Canada was Canada), at least 770 young women were sent to Quebec by Louis XIV to help with colonization. These single ladies were sent with dowries to help boost settlement in New France, meaning they were going to marry, then cook, clean and procreate.

These Filles du Roi as they came to be known did what any resourceful baker would do: they made do with what they had. With the abundance of new food they created the butter tart forerunner with baking ingredients readily available like maple sugar and dried fruit. 

Everyone has their own unique recipe, and the Cookie Crumbs variation is true to form.  We would keep the recipe secret, but we do want to show everyone that we put the healthiest and best ingredients we can find in each of our flavours.  No molasses, but instead we use pure maple syrup as a big shout out to the Filles du Roi. Give thanks to our ancestors as you savour the essence of being Canadian.