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Tangy Pineapple Waffle Pucks - Half Dozen (6)

Tangy Pineapple Waffle Pucks - Half Dozen (6)

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As we dreamed up this flavour over the cold Edmonton winter were kind of hoping we could write off a trip to Hawaii doing "research" for our new Tangy Pineapple treat, but it might be stretching it a bit...

Besides, pineapple originally comes from Paraguay in South America.  Apparently we have our friend Christopher Columbus to thank for taking it back to Spain and form there introducing it to Hawaii.  An interesting tidbit is that in architecture, pineapple figures are a decorative element symbolizing hospitality.  So let us welcome you to this amazing wonder right here in Edmonton.

Our Tangy Pineapple starts with fresh whole pineapples and is slow cooked for ages, reducing it and its natural sweetness to a perfect texture and delicious richness.  Aloha!  

Ingredients:  Organic unbleached Alberta flour, unsalted butter, organic cane sugar, fresh pineapple, eggs, sea salt