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Ube Halaya (purple yam) Waffle Pucks - Half Dozen (6)

Ube Halaya (purple yam) Waffle Pucks - Half Dozen (6)

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Ube (oo-beh) is the Filipino word for purple yam and is a super popular dessert there. It contain pigments that gives its violet color . In India, it is known as ratalu or the Moraga Surprise. In Japan this is called murasaki imo.  In the Philippines, Ube is cooked with sugar and eaten as a sweetened dessert or jam called halaya ube which is a bright violet colour.

Some people feel that Ube tastes a bit like hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla.

Yams in general are very healthy but because Ube yams are purple inside they also contain a lot more antioxidants than regular yams. 

Ingredients:  Organic unbleached Alberta flour, unsalted butter, organic cane sugar, eggs, fresh purple yam, coconut cream, vanilla extract, sea salt