Introducing the Waffle Puck! Imagine your own personal pie made with scrumptious shortbread crust and your choice of wonderful fillings.
Amaretti Waffle Bites [GLUTEN FREE]- twelve (12) count

Amaretti Waffle Bites [GLUTEN FREE]- twelve (12) count

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***Vegan, Gluten-free***  

In the early 18th century, a Milanese cardinal surprised the town of Saronno with a visit. A young couple, residents of the town, welcomed him with an original confection: on the spur of the moment, they had baked biscuits made of sugar, egg whites, and crushed almonds. These so pleased the visiting bishop that he blessed the two with a happy and lifelong marriage.  Traditionally Amarettis are made in a meringue, but these almond gems are our unique waffle interpretation of the original.

Size:  Each Waffle Bite is approx. 45 g and measures approx. 5 cm by 5 cm and 1.25 cm depth

Ingredients:  Pure almond flour, unsalted butter, organic cane sugar, eggs, sea salt