Introducing the Waffle Puck! Imagine your own personal pie made with scrumptious shortbread crust and your choice of wonderful fillings.

Caring for your Waffle Pucks®, Waffle Bites, Moffle Bites, and Bottled Deliciousness

We want your fresh baked waffle shortbread to be at its best when you eat it and so here is our best advice on how to care for them at home:

Waffle Pucks ®:  Our Pucks will be great in the bag/box on your kitchen counter for 3-4 days.  If you think some might not be eaten until later, pop them in a ziplock bag and into the freezer.  Take them out to thaw on a plate 1-2 hours before you want to eat them and they will be wonderful.

Waffle Bites:  Bites like a sealed container.  Place them in an airtight glass or plastic container and they will stay fresh and moist for as much as 10 days.  Like Pucks, our Bites will freeze extremely well.

Moffle Bites:  Because our hand-made mochi is made from whole grains of rice and no preservatives, it will begin to harden in as little as 36 hours.  If it does, put in a ziplock bag and immerse in warm water for a couple of minutes, microwave for maybe 10 seconds, or place in a frying pan and grill (yum!).

Bottled Deliciousness:  You may find you want our Chocolate Ganache and Salted Caramel softer depending on what you are doing with it.  Simple, warm the bottle in hot water for a few minutes or microwave for maybe 15 seconds.  Presto!  If you think the Ganache might not be eaten up in a hurry, best to refrigerate after opening.