Introducing the Waffle Puck! Imagine your own personal pie made with scrumptious shortbread crust and your choice of wonderful fillings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Cookie Crumbs cookies so wholesome?

We believe in better ingredients, the kind that we are proud to feed our own families.  Using things like Alberta’s own unbleached flour that is not treated with chemical agents (benzoyl peroxide and chlorine gas, among others) to speed the aging process.  Things like organic cane sugar that is so much healthier than the refined type that removes sugar’s natural nutrients, such as calcium, iron and magnesium while adding harmful chemicals.  Butter…. real butter, not margarine or some hydrogenated oil.  And even available coconut oil that increases healthy cholesterol while it transforms “bad” cholesterol into good cholesterol and therein promotes heart health.

What exactly are waffle cookies and waffle pucks?

It’s not a waffle.  It’s not a cookie.  It's a waffle cookie.  It is a hybrid of waffle and shortbread that makes our cookies unique.  What’s more, all of our flavors are pure and natural.  A great treat for your family or as a gift or reward for friends and co-workers…..people who you care about and for whom you would only want the very best!  And then there is the waffle puck... a unique dessert made just for us hockey-mad Canadians.  Imagine your own personal pie made with a scrumptious shortbread crust and your choice of wonderful fillings.

Are our cookie batters made fresh and local?

Of course!  The best way to make sure cookies taste like they are fresh, straight from your own oven is…well…make them fresh and straight from ours.  Made-to-order.  In small batches.  By hand.  In Edmonton.  Soft and sweet and delicious.  If you want them on Tuesday we will make the batter fresh and bake them just in time to get them to you.

Is there a physical location where we can buy Cookie Crumbs?

We don’t (yet) have a brick and mortar store, but look for us starting in May of 2017 on Saturdays at the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market  (  The market is located in the Old Strathcona district of Edmonton at 10310 83 Avenue NW and is open year-round.


Delivery on any order above $40 is free within the Edmonton area!    Life is complicated enough without having to go out of your way to find the best of everything Edmonton has to offer.  Let us bring one of those items to you.  7 days a week.

Please let us know your desired delivery date so that we can be efficient in our deliveries.  No courier, just us at Cookie Crumbs stopping by to say hi.

It is important that you leave us the telephone number that you can be reached during the day.  We will want to arrange a time that works for you as well as become familiar with any buzzer numbers or other security features to be considered in getting to your door.

We look forward to meeting you!